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Vadas Sewing Machine

Current Location
Wondrous Machines Exhibition Center

Visitor Information

This handy little machine, created by Ferenc Vadas, automatically sews symbols according to the religious or political nature of the user into any cloth. Ferenc Vadas created this sewing machine in the late 1880s in on the planet earth. Not much is known about Mr Vadas, only that he was a strong believer of the christian church and advocate for democratic rights. Why or how he built the sewing machine is not known, as no records were found. Even though the sewing machine was built in the late 1880s, it is able to use symbols of religions or political parties that were created far later. Even more astounishing is its ability to correctly specify how radical a user is. For example will a far right winger, who adores the Third Reich, get mostly Nazi-symbolism, while a stern pacifist gets symbols of peace. But if a user mocks or is upset with the sewing machine, the machine will then to proceed to mock the user by only sewing symbols of contradicting ideologies. With more radical and obscene symbols sewed, the stronger the user tries to oppose the sewing machine.

Using the Vadas Sewing Machine

All visitors are allowed to use the Vadas Sewing Machine to sew onto their own cloth or one given to them by Freaky Exhibits for a fee of 10 credits. ! Attention ! As of 2024 this rule no longer applies. Every visitor who wants to use the Vadas Sewing Machine has to undergo a compability test. Only those that are compatible are allowed to use the Vadas Sewing Machine. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Personnel Information

Exhibit-004 is to be placed on a table with no other exhibits. It has to be guarded by at least one guard at all times. Visitors must keep at least 2m distance to the exhibit. The exhibit should be cleaned every 4 months with regular cleaning utensils. Visitors who want to operate the machine must undergo a compability test beforehand. If the test results in no compability, then the visitor is not allowed to touch Exhibit-004 under any circumstances (see Incident Report). Any kind of force against the exhibit or personnel allows the guards to use force and remove aggressors.