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Fukujo's EZ1-4 Coffee Machine

Current Location Status
Wondrous Machines Exhibition Center Under Repair
Museum of Lost Technology Displayed

Visitor Information

“Have you ever craved a cup coffee, but had no coffee beans? Well look no further, because we have the solution. The EZ1-4 Coffee Machine is able to convert any kind of material into a delicious coffee. Choose your coffee and insert the material you want to use.”

The EZ1-4 coffee machine was created by the company Fukujo and Freaky Exhibits owns two machines, one displayed in the Wondrous Machines Exhibition Center and one displayed at the Museum of Lost Technology. Apart from those two, it is estimated that there are only 4 other machines in private hands in the multiverse.

How the Fukujo company was able to create such a technical wonder is unknown, as opening the machine seems impossible. According to the handbook only the company can open any machine with a special key, but as the company is defunct for over 200 years there remains no key or other ways ro recreate a key.

Reading further through the handbook reveals some interesting facts about the machine. The most interesting part is about the combinations one can use to create deviations from coffee. For convenience purposes we printed the list of usable combinations:

Combinations Result
Any kind of Coffee / Coffee Beans Hot chocolate
Wood, Salt & Ink Banana Cream Cappucchino
Leather, Iron, Gasoline & Pepper Sweet Caramel Mocca

Using the EZ1-4 Coffee Machine at the Wondrous Machines Exhibition Center

To use the EZ1-4 Coffee Machine simply insert any material that you want to use for the creation of your coffee. Then press the button for the kind of coffee you want. The possible coffees are Cappucchino, Espresso, Latte Machiato and Mocca. For the usage of the coffee machine a fee of 5 credits is required.


As of 2024 the EZ1-4 Coffee Machine can not be used as it is under repair.

Personnel Information

The machine displayed at the Exhibiton Center is currently under repair. For details look at the Incident Report for Exhibit-004.

At the end of the week the machine has to be used with a different item, than the last one used. The reason is that after seven days the machine will change its aftertaste to resemble the material used. This seems to continue every seven days, with it reaching its climax after 35 days, then the coffee is a liquified version of the material used, including all of its properties. Meaning that it can have disastrous effects when the wrong material is used for to long.

The director of the Wondrous Machines Exhibition Center is currently discussing with the director of the Museum of Lost Technology about an exchange of the two machines.