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1. Establishments of upper training and associated or affiliated non-revenue organizations;
2. Non-profit and governmental analysis organizations;
3. Any employer who is filing for a second or subsequent extension of keep for an H1B visa nonimmigrant;
4. Main or secondary education establishments; and
5. Nonprofit entities which are engaged in "established curriculum-associated clinical training of students".

If the same-sex couple now resides in a jurisdiction totally different from the one through which they celebrated their marriage, and that jurisdiction doesn't recognize same-intercourse marriages, the officer will look to the law of More about the author state the place the marriage was celebrated so as to determine the validity of the marriage. The domicile state’s legal guidelines and policies on same-sex marriages is not going to have an effect on whether or not USCIS will acknowledge a marriage as legitimate.

I got here to the United States as a baby. My dad is a resident alien but might by no means repair my scenario.
Since I have been here I’ve formed a family of my very own. I don’t know something about Mexico because I was raised here and i find myself scared to be deported to a spot that I have no idea.
South Bay, Florida