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hey guys EBPMAN here and today I'm

going to take a look at the MACALLY

aluminum laptop stand let's check it out

so now a lot of us are using laptops

especially as the price of the laptop

has come down as desktop replacement

it's not uncommon to find in the kitchen

in a bedroom a laptop and a couple of

things that I found they're really

challenging with laptops and even max is

that many people still really like

typing on standard keyboards many people

even like using a standard Mouse but

given the footprint of the actual laptop

or Mac you find yourself using the

keyboard that's embedded or part of your

laptop instead of having access to

something like this so what this stand

does for use two things it's going to

give you the ability to braise the

laptop up to eye level similar to what

you have with a standard monitor and

desktop type setup and then also

introduced a keyboard in their mouth

that's going to transform your

experience when using a laptop let's go

ahead and check out what's included and

see how this unit transforms the way you

use your laptop or MacBook now inside

the box you'll find everything you need

to assemble your stand and assembly is

really simple right because all you

really have our two pieces as you see

right here and we'll put these aside you

have the two arms as well and you'll

notice that they do require some screws

that are available here with an included

allen wrench now assemblies really

simple it took no more than two minutes

because literally all you're doing is

connecting two pieces if we flip this

over here for a second you'll notice

right here that there were two screws

one on each side and there was also some

screws here in here that were required

to connect again just four in total that

really gave the support that you here

have here and stand the ability to

withstand your laptop riser for desk maker now a couple of

things that you'll notice from the

actual stand itself first of all that

there are some rubberized areas here

they're going to protect your laptop as

you place it on the aluminum frame keep

in mind it is aluminum in order to

prevent any kind of scratching you have

this these rubberized areas that are

going to have your laptop rust in place

as you can notice fo notice here as your

I couplings forward you have some

rubberized areas in each one of these

spots as well protecting your laptop and

that's because depending on the laptop

that you have or Mac you know that

specifically with the max if they're

metal you don't want them getting all

scratch as you place it here so you

don't have to worry about that now on

the bottom here you also have some

rubberized feet and you may ask yourself

why why is it necessary to have that if

there's really this isn't going to be

touching the laptop at all well this is

for two reasons first of all this is

going to make sure that as you place

your laptop or Mac on this stand that it

does not shift and move and second

because it is metal it makes sure that

the surface doesn't get scratched so

it's great to have the feet there I'm

protecting the surface that its resting

on as well as protecting your laptop as

it rests right on top of it so now with

my laptop on the laptop stand you'll

notice I have room for my keyboard and

what I really like about this experience

is that it really changes the way I see

the screen on my laptop so now instead

of looking downward as I'm sitting down

I actually am able to see this at eye

level and I can also adjust the screen

forward and back so it really changes

the way you experience your laptop and

changes it almost to a full desktop

experience in this case I have a

keyboard with an included mouse here but

if you had your keyboard you could have

your mouse on the side and anything

about that is that if you need a working

area you can actually tuck your keyboard

away here on the bottom and then still

have access to your full screen

especially if you going to be using it

to watch a movie or you're not really

creating anything and you don't really

need the keys so now let's take a look

at the overall footprint you notice that

it's pretty small you notice how nicely

tucked underneath here i have my

keyboard and you'll notice that even

though my macbook pro is larger than the

stand itself it balances nicely it's

very sturdy it doesn't look like it's

going to fall off and it really

maximizes the area that i have to work

with so down here you'll notice i'm able

to tuck things away things are nicely

balanced and it really changes the eye

level viewing of my laptop or in this

case my macbook pro i've also used this

in the kitchen as well so I've been able

to take the stand put it in the kitchen

area as I'm following the recipe or just

listening to use youtuber music and it

keeps my

macbook out of the way and it doesn't

really get messed up with any of the

cooking supplies that I'm using as I'm

preparing a meal so this concludes my

review of in the cali laptop stand an

aluminum stand for virtually any laptop

that you have that transforms the way

you view and use your laptop if you have

any comments or questions leaving the

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