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What is a dildo?

A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy designed for penetration. They can be used as masturbation tools, during foreplay or during sex with a partner. They can be realistic, representing real penises, or unreal - made of unconventional shapes, colors and materials. Dildo sex toys are suitable for people of all sexual orientations, making them a very popular toy.

The type of dildo to buy There are many different types of dildos, so it's helpful to know each one and why you use it.

You will see most of our dildos vary in length and width. A 12-inch size might have one person screaming with excitement, but for others it's a turn off. You can choose a size based on your experience level or what you find most interesting.

You can also buy dildos in different colors, including flesh-colored, as well as red, blue, purple, black, and even discoloration!

Most are made of silicone or plastic, but for those who like to play with temperature, use one made of glass or metal, heating or cooling it for surprising sensations.

Discover the best dildo for you Whether you're looking to buy a dildo toy for yourself, your partner, or a friend, here are some tips for choosing the one that's right for you:

Start with a small dildo We recommend beginners start with a small size (4-6 inches) and work your way up to larger and wider sizes. It takes time and practice to get used to the feeling, so don't be too ambitious if you're new to the game.

If you're not sure what size you need, you can try an inflatable dildo - these dildos can be inserted and drawn to the right size for you and your body.

The Best Dildos for People Who Want Realistic Sex Toys Realistic or real skin dildos are designed to replicate a penis. Many are made of prominent veins, textured testicles, and a bulbous glans at the top, also called the head, which provides additional external stimulation.

To make your experience even more real, try a squirting dildo, it's filled with fluid and you can ejaculate when you're ready. Discover the rest of our realistic dildo collection.

Solo When it comes to menage-a-moi, a vibrating dildo can really help you get out of the rock. The vibrational stimulation combined with the shape and feel of the penis makes any vibrating sex toy a great addition to your collection. You can even get a vibrant dildo. But if you're missing the real thing, a realistic penis might be better for you.

For those who prefer hands-free action, you might want to try a suction cup or wall-mounted dildo. These can be fastened to any hard, smooth surface (yes, even the shower!) for uninterrupted solo fun. Learn more about how to use them here.

Anal sex Our range of anal dildos made for prostate stimulation also makes anal play better. They are usually designed with a slight curve and a narrower girth. If this is your first time using an anal dildo, we recommend starting with a 6" dildo and working your way up.

Couple playing There's no limit to which types of dildos can be used with a partner - whether it's watching your significant other use a dildo, using a dildo on them, or using them together - it's definitely enough!

Duplex or double-ended breeds can provide the ideal shared stimulation experience for lesbian sex, but these are anchored with Kegel muscles, so they do take practice to perfect.

Straps are another great option for lesbian or straight couples who want to try pinning. Strap kits usually come with some dildo sizes of different sizes to add variety and excitement to the game.